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Campechanas getaways

More and more peninsular tourists visit Campeche. They look for travel destinations with country inspiration. That is why we share some nearby and pleasant getaways yet to be discovered.

The first invitation is to tour the Historic Center of Campeche. Its importance lies in being a city declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1999. The colonial hexagon will invite you to feel at home. Take your time and walk through the remains of the wall. Let yourself be surprised by the military architecture of the bastions. Play with the pastel tones of the country houses and find the differences between the wooden doors. Walk, walk and get lost but do it with your eyes open, always looking for the details to be amazed every second.

Following hand in hand with the cultural, the second recommendation is to visit the royal road. It is one of the most pictorial getaways that can be made, since the route contains Mayan essence and beautiful towns such as Santa Cruz Ex Hacienda, Chunkanán or Tinún. There are places that are definitely recommended to visit. Hecelchakán, which offers the best known cochinita in the state and Bécal, the empire of the hats of jipi. In them, you can enjoy the good Mayan flavor and, in turn, get to know Calkinense artisans in a loud voice. It is such a good option that it is even allowed to enter the caves to learn about the process of making the distinguished hats.

If you prefer sports and adrenaline, there is also an excellent option: the cenotes of Miguel Colorado in Champotón. Here you can practice zip line! The view is incredible because an infinite green of tree foliage frames the great wells of sacred water. The sensation of crossing the air at full speed is indescribable. It leaves you breathless but with a lot of euphoria.

And since we go into the natural, the next recommendation is to visit Aguada Island. This small fishing village keeps in its calm waters the most tender guests of the sea: bottlenose dolphins. It is recommended to arrive from early hours to be able to take a boat tour that runs throughout the bay and make technical stops on the Isla de los Pájaros, which, as its name indicates, nest infinity of seabirds whose plumage and beauty captures the lens until of the most demanding photographer. The tour allows you to stop in Cayo Arenas, where you can enjoy the tranquility of its waters and allow you to take a dip in the arduous sun.

Campeche is more than a destination, it is a friendly home that invites its visitors to get to know it thoroughly. Let yourself be pampered with the magic of local getaways.

Berenice Ceballos García.