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Edzná, the house of the Itzaes

They say that all trips have secret destinations of which the traveler is unconscious. That is why today, I share a very special place: The archaeological zone Edzná, in Campeche.

Historically it has a long occupation and settlement of the Mayan people, so, for architecture lovers, this is the place where you can find architectural differences in the buildings. Here we can find early styles such as peten in the Temple of the South or, a little more stylized like the Puuc style, with the patio of the same name. But not only that, Edzná keeps very unique treasures such as: masks, steam bath, hieroglyphic stairs and even the vestige of a ruling woman!

When traveling through the site, you can observe numerous iguanas, which at the end of everything, have become the natural guardians of the place. But not only that, it is an ideal place to watch birds like woodpeckers, hummingbirds and even eagles.

Its most notable structure is the 5-story building with more than 39 meters high. You imagine? So, with that splendid past and a vivid nature, it is impossible not to be enchanted by the enigmatic city of the valley: Edzná.

Berenice Ceballos-García.